Book Recommendation #1 – Fat Planet: The Obesity Trap and How We Can Escape it

Hi Guys, this is my first book recommendation with many more to come to help you all understand more about your body and how you can improve it.

I stumbled across this book and started to read it and it just ticked all the boxes, normally all these “Diet books” have something wrong with them or something that i don’t agree with, but this one is on my wave length.


“Eat less, Move more” must be one of the most misleading pieces of dieting advice ever offered. Not only does it minimise the difficulties of losing weight, it ignores the reality of the way our food is mass produced, advertised and marketed.
Multinational food companies promote hyper-rewarding foods that are both energy-rich and nutritionally poor – think Oreos! Packed with sugar, salt and fat, they do us little or no good whilst tasting absolutely delicious and being almost impossible to resist. Why does unhealthy food have to taste so great?

With so much information out there on diets and what you should or should not be eating it gets a little confusing and we end up being mis sold a load of food that is meant to be “healthy” which in the end isn’t as its packed full of sugar to make it taste good.

This book goes into how we as humans have been eating the wrong foods and why so many of us have ended up with weight and health issues.

Ive been telling my clients for years that they need to eat real food not produced food, lots of nutrient dense food that the body can utilise for many different functions – trouble is these foods do not give the body that instant feeling of reward or quick burst of energy you receive from energy dense foods.

Energy dense foods cause the release of the neurotransmitter dopamine dubbed the “gas pedal of pleasure” together with other brain pleasers such as endogenous opiates, beta-endorphins and endocannabinoids. These hormones underpins the intensely pleasurable feelings that are produced by consuming combinations of sugar,fat and salt. As we seek to repeat the rewards through further consumption, the brain sets out to restore balance (maintain homeostasis) by depleting dopamine receptors. This means that in order to get the same food “fix” we have to eat more and more of these energy dense foods. After a while this creates a tolerance – a word that is usually applied to the diminished sense of delight or momentary escape people get from drugs and alcohol. The fact that the term is now being used in connection with food demonstrates the biological liability imposed by our present obesogenic food environment.

Once someone has learned to prefer high-energy-dense foods – which typically occurs in early life – hypothalamic and reward signalling become sluggish when faced with healthier nutrient dense foods which are not so immediately rewarding. As a result these tend to be avoided – most people would rather eat an ice cream than a piece of broccoli!

Obesity is not the result of eating too much and moving too little, as those involved in producing, advertising and selling food would have us believe. The obesity pandemic results from a series of endocrine, metabolic, neurocognitive and physiological adaptations, fostered by abundance.

If we don’t change we will be eating ourselves into our graves!