What makes a top personal trainer?

What makes a top Personal Trainer?


Now lots of people search the web for the next personal trainer who is actually going to help them get results and feel great about themselves but what actually makes a top personal trainer and why should you hire them as your coach?

There are a few qualities you should look for when finding the perfect trainer for you, here are just a few:

Now there are lots of other things that make a top personal trainer but here are just a few for you to consider.


Here is one of my clients Debra who has had absolutely fantastic results due to my training and nutrition plans. As you can see on the left is her before picture with her skirt fitting very snug, and on the right well on the right is a picture that shows that she has absolutely smashed her goals! The skirt she is holding is the one she had on in the before picture, you can see she has lost over 6 inches on her waist!

If your looking for Personal training and like what you see on my website, then why not send me an email on alex@adpfitness.co.uk and I will send you a form to apply for a complimentary consultation (in person for 1-2-1 clients in Welwyn Garden City & Hertfordshire or on the phone for online clients)

The time to change is now, lets do this!

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Lying Leg Raises

Lying Leg Raises


Possibly one of the best exercises for the lower abs that I do in my ab workouts, these beauties will really get those abdominals burning. Lying leg raises will help develop the lower abdominal muscles if done correctly. Here I will explain how to do them in the most effective way so that you’re not just wasting your time in the gym swinging your legs up and down.

Here’s how to perform lying leg raises the right way

Begin by laying flat on you back with your legs out straight and arms by your sides you may want to tuck your hands just under your glutes (bum) this will give you more control but will make the exercise slightly easier than if they were directly by your sides. Control is key so go with whichever way you can control it the most and feel the lower abs working.

Keeping your legs straight raise them up slowly until you create a 90degree Angle with you legs and torso, breathing out as you do so and fully exhaling at the top whilst consciously contracting your Abs (its all about the squeeze.) once you’ve got to the top start lowering your legs down slowly whilst breathing out, your feet should not touch the floor and should be raised back up when your about 2-6 inches away from the ground (the lower you go the harder and better it is.) Now repeat for the desired rep range.

You may feel that your back arches when doing this exercise. This isn’t something you should worry about too much as it will also help strengthen your lower back but if it is really uncomfortable try not going as low when controlling the legs down and focus more on the contraction at the top until your lower back strengthens up.

Now Its important to keep it slow so that the muscle is under tension for longer, it is not a race to see how quickly you can do the desired rep range. Its all about building muscle and that happens when its under tension for the most amount of time so don’t rush it and take it slow! You don’t want to look like a walrus flapping its tail about now do you?


Try this exercise by doing 3 sets of 10-15 repetitions and have 30-60 seconds rest between sets.


Always push your self yourself if the rep range and amount of sets your using isn’t challenging you enough then change things up. Add more reps into your sets, increase the amount of sets or decrease your rest times all these are good variables to make it more challenging.


Try doing this:

Week 1

3 x 10 with 60 seconds rest

Week 2

3 x 15 with 45 seconds rest

Week 3

4 x 15 with 30 seconds rest

And so on….

Go give it a try you will not regret adding this exercise into your workout.

Remember to record your sets, reps and rest time so that you can track your progress.

Enjoy this exercise and let me know what you think or if you have any questions contact me either by email alex@adpfitness.co.uk or on twitter @AlexDi_Pasquale

Time to get those Abs working, enjoy


Alex Di Pasquale