Book Recommendation #1 – Fat Planet: The Obesity Trap and How We Can Escape it

Hi Guys, this is my first book recommendation with many more to come to help you all understand more about your body and how you can improve it.

I stumbled across this book and started to read it and it just ticked all the boxes, normally all these “Diet books” have something wrong with them or something that i don’t agree with, but this one is on my wave length.


“Eat less, Move more” must be one of the most misleading pieces of dieting advice ever offered. Not only does it minimise the difficulties of losing weight, it ignores the reality of the way our food is mass produced, advertised and marketed.
Multinational food companies promote hyper-rewarding foods that are both energy-rich and nutritionally poor – think Oreos! Packed with sugar, salt and fat, they do us little or no good whilst tasting absolutely delicious and being almost impossible to resist. Why does unhealthy food have to taste so great?

With so much information out there on diets and what you should or should not be eating it gets a little confusing and we end up being mis sold a load of food that is meant to be “healthy” which in the end isn’t as its packed full of sugar to make it taste good.

This book goes into how we as humans have been eating the wrong foods and why so many of us have ended up with weight and health issues.

Ive been telling my clients for years that they need to eat real food not produced food, lots of nutrient dense food that the body can utilise for many different functions – trouble is these foods do not give the body that instant feeling of reward or quick burst of energy you receive from energy dense foods.

Energy dense foods cause the release of the neurotransmitter dopamine dubbed the “gas pedal of pleasure” together with other brain pleasers such as endogenous opiates, beta-endorphins and endocannabinoids. These hormones underpins the intensely pleasurable feelings that are produced by consuming combinations of sugar,fat and salt. As we seek to repeat the rewards through further consumption, the brain sets out to restore balance (maintain homeostasis) by depleting dopamine receptors. This means that in order to get the same food “fix” we have to eat more and more of these energy dense foods. After a while this creates a tolerance – a word that is usually applied to the diminished sense of delight or momentary escape people get from drugs and alcohol. The fact that the term is now being used in connection with food demonstrates the biological liability imposed by our present obesogenic food environment.

Once someone has learned to prefer high-energy-dense foods – which typically occurs in early life – hypothalamic and reward signalling become sluggish when faced with healthier nutrient dense foods which are not so immediately rewarding. As a result these tend to be avoided – most people would rather eat an ice cream than a piece of broccoli!

Obesity is not the result of eating too much and moving too little, as those involved in producing, advertising and selling food would have us believe. The obesity pandemic results from a series of endocrine, metabolic, neurocognitive and physiological adaptations, fostered by abundance.

If we don’t change we will be eating ourselves into our graves!

5 weight loss diet tips


Check in with hunger, sit down, relax and take your time.

15-20mins for a meal is about right.

Make sure to stop eating when you’re 80% full.


For women make sure you eat at least 1 palm sized portion of protein dense food. For Men make sure you eat 2 palm sized portions of protein per meal.


Make sure you eat a large potion of veggies. They can be prepared any way you like.

One serving is about a fist sized portion and you should try get a few portions per meal.


If you have fat to lose but haven’t worked out, then stay away from the pasta, bread, rice and other starchy carbs. Opt for a double portion of veggies instead. If you have just worked out, a mixture of carb sources is fine just stick to the natural unrefined stuff.


Every day you need some fats from various foods, prioritizing whole food sources like eggs, meats, fish, olives, nuts and seeds.

Spread these throughout the day.


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2015 Get fit survival kit

So its a New Year which means lots of us will be setting new years resolutions

Many of us will be setting our selves fitness goals to achieve after over indulging over the christmas period.

This blog post is here to help you know what things you will need to survive the 2015 get fit new years resolution.

Did you know 92% of people fail in their New Years Resolutions and 38% of all resolutions are weight loss? hopefully with my help this will not be you.

Ok so here are my recommendations of some of the things you will need to succeed this years fitness goal

#1 A quality whey protein shake to help you get your right amount of protein in your diet

PhD Diet Whey is a fantastic protein shake that includes CLA and flaxseeds to help aid in fat loss, this protein shake has been a favourite amongst my clients and I as it tastes delicious even mixed with water. Its thick consistency will also help you feel full, perfect for when you need a protein snack or post workout


Scitec 100% Whey protein professional is also another great protein shake and is my personal favourite as its purely 100% whey which is absorbed by your muscles after a workout quicker it also contains lots of extra added important amino acids. This shake is of a thinner consistency and also has some great flavours check them out!

#2 A protein shaker to mix you protein shake in

SmartShake Shaker is the best shaker I have come across, the reason I like it so much is that it has 2 screw on compartments to put your supplements and protein shake in, perfect to take to the gym to have a post workout shake. They also come in really cool neon colours!

#3 Wireless Headphones

Don’t you just hate it when you walk into a gym all ready to have a killer workout and then the gym is playing slow R&B!

Not exactly motivating is it.

Well the way that I keep my self motivated for my whole workout is to have my wireless headphones with me so that I can play my kick ass gym playlist to get me to push myself further and beyond.

The best wireless headphones I’ve come across are these:

Beats by Dr. Dre Powerbeats 2 Wireless In-Ear Headphones

These bad boys are incredible not only are they wireless so that you don’t have to mess about with tucking the wires into your top or having your phone in your pocket whilst your doing you workout but they are lightweight and wrap around your ears so your headphones won’t be flying off your head no matter how intense your workout!

Of course I haven’t even mentioned the most important thing about these beauties…

The sound quality oh my oh my are these gooooood! If your workouts not raising your heart rate enough then the bass coming from these magical little things will!

#4 Shorts for men, gym legins for women

Right now this is quite important you need to be wearing the right stuff in the gym if your serious about working out.

Men you’ll need a good pair of shorts, theres nothing worse than wearing tracksuit bottoms in the gym and then getting really hot because of it.

let your skin breath!

Under armour always produce good quality gym gear

Under Armour Men’s Shorts

Ok ladies now you will need a good pair of quality gym leggings, normal high street leggings just won’t cut it.

Most of them are see through and that will be embarrassing for you trust me I’ve seen it happen.

Gym leggings are also lightweight and keep your cool.

Under Armour Authentic Compression Women’s Leggings

#5 Stay hydrated with a decent sports water bottle

This leakproof gym water bottle comes in very handy.

I always hate not having water in the gym to sip on and then having to go to the communal water fountain that probably hasn’t been cleaned in a while.

So I take a decent water bottle with me.

NIKE GYM WATER BOTTLE is a great water bottle to have in your gym bag

So there you have it guys the 5 must have products to keep you going through your fitness quest!

Obviously  you’ll also need a plan of action so get in touch at

for a price plan on a nutrition plan and a workout program

Or to enquire about 1-2-1 personal training

Don’t be the 92% that fail to stick to their new years resolution!

If theres anything else you guys would like to know about health and fitness please do not hesitate to email me.

Thanks for reading

Your Coach


Overhead squats for everyone

Performing an overhead squat isn’t easy to do and not everyone is capable of doing them straight away as you need to have a balance of strength and also flexibility to be able to execute it with excellence.

Why is an overhead squat beneficial to someone who is looking to get in shape?Well not only is this exercise a great way to build functional strength it also assesses bilateral symmetrical mobility and stability of the hips,shoulders,knees and ankles as well as extension of the thoracic spine.

The overhead squat looks at what areas of your body needs work, you may have flexibility issues in the latissimus dorsi or in the pectorals which means that your arms will go forwards when performing this exercise your shoulders might also not have the mobility to get into that overhead position.

female client Overhead squat

with a few stretching and strengthening exercises the overhead squat can be possible for everyone and what you’ll experience after doing them is:

Better posture
Increased gluteal strength
Increased shoulder mobility and strength
Greater flexibility in hamstrings, piriformis and latissimus dorsi
Increased erector spinae (lower back) strength

So whilst this movement not look appealing to people who are not athletes or looking to be able to perform an olympic lift it certainly can benefit the everyday person with being able to move better and improve posture!

if you’d like more information on this exercise or would like a complimentary demonstration please get in touch

lets all learn to eat, move and live better