Overhead squats for everyone

Performing an overhead squat isn’t easy to do and not everyone is capable of doing them straight away as you need to have a balance of strength and also flexibility to be able to execute it with excellence.

Why is an overhead squat beneficial to someone who is looking to get in shape?Well not only is this exercise a great way to build functional strength it also assesses bilateral symmetrical mobility and stability of the hips,shoulders,knees and ankles as well as extension of the thoracic spine.

The overhead squat looks at what areas of your body needs work, you may have flexibility issues in the latissimus dorsi or in the pectorals which means that your arms will go forwards when performing this exercise your shoulders might also not have the mobility to get into that overhead position.

female client Overhead squat

with a few stretching and strengthening exercises the overhead squat can be possible for everyone and what you’ll experience after doing them is:

Better posture
Increased gluteal strength
Increased shoulder mobility and strength
Greater flexibility in hamstrings, piriformis and latissimus dorsi
Increased erector spinae (lower back) strength

So whilst this movement not look appealing to people who are not athletes or looking to be able to perform an olympic lift it certainly can benefit the everyday person with being able to move better and improve posture!

if you’d like more information on this exercise or would like a complimentary demonstration please get in touch alex@adpfitness.co.uk

lets all learn to eat, move and live better