A year of blood, sweat & tears

Every year is the same we get to January and we say right this year I’m going to get in shape I’m going to clean up my diet I’m going to train really hard and I’m going to get that body that I really want. I have told my self that year, after year, after year and although I have been training for about 10 years to get that perfect physique this year has been the year where I feel I have finally achieved a body to be proud of.
After a break up with a girlfriend that I had been with for 5-6 years I decided to change my career from being a paint sprayer/damage checker for BMW to become a Personal trainer. The factory life wasn’t for me and after a break up it just got worse and found myself getting depressed and also losing the thing I loved the most TRAINING! Now they say two things can happen after a break up you either get depressed and hit the bottle or you strive to do better and to succeed and change your life. So I enrolled in my PT course my passion has always been fitness and achieving a great physique so I thought why not do it as a job and help others to get that body they want too. So that was the start for me in my fitness career. That was how I wanted my life to change. Truth is after I had completed and passed my PT course I then got back together with my ex girlfriend I thought things would be different as I was doing a job I enjoyed but after a year of being together again we broke up again we grew apart and wanted different things and so that pain started all over again and I found myself lost and nearly giving up as a personal trainer too. So again I decided to make a change and to achieve something that I really wanted! I wanted to build up my business I wanted high end clients and I wanted to get my body in great shape and to step on stage and compete as a fitness model.
So in January 2013 I got started on creating that package that I would bring to the stage. I got myself a prep coach to help me with my diet plans and workouts. Now you may ask why I did this as I am a personal trainer and I should know what to eat and how to train and yes I do but money is a great motivator and if I pay for something then Im going to make sure I do it. I hired him for his experience, he had competed as a bodybuilder and a muscle model and knows how to get people in stage ready condition and for me its all part of my education and I have learnt a lot form him that I now can pass on to my clients. So that was it I first payed for a 6 week diet plan to see how my body would look after a strict diet and see how much lean muscle I could put on, after that I then decided lets get ready for a competition. After speaking to my prep coach we decided I needed 8 weeks to put on as much muscle mass as I could before entering a 3 month cutting phase. So for 8 weeks I was eating a copious amount of good nutritious food whilst training heavy in the gym. My strength went through the roof and I was the strongest I’d ever been. Whilst in my ‘bulking phase’ I still stayed pretty lean as you can see from my river shoot which was at the end of that phase and I was weighing in at 83KG. After that I started my 3 months cutting phase the calories slowly came down and my training program changed. I was training a lot more 6 or 7 times a week and it was also a lot higher volume and focusing on getting as lean as possible for stage whilst keeping my muscle mass. The whole 5 months was hard but I had so much drive and focus to hit that stage in the best condition I have ever been in. That is what motivated me every time I stepped in the gym! That is what would get me out of bed early on a Saturday and a Sunday. I would always visualise how I wanted to look on stage and that would push me to get through my workouts and push my body to the limit.
So after 5 months of preparation this weekend just gone (November 24th 2013) I did it I got my self on that stage and showed off all the hard work that I had been putting in the gym and in the kitchen and it was worth it! it felt great, infact it felt amazing!
I met some really nice people along the way and I have some great memories.

So what am I trying to say from this post? I guess its about finding motivation, what motivates you and what will make you finally want to achieve that great body that your after. For me my motivation came from a number of things the initial motivation came from pain, I was suffering with depression from a break up and a job that I wasn’t happy with and I was also depressed about my parents break up. That made me want to do better for myself, to create a better life, to be the best that I can be!
Now I wish to inspire others and show them that they can achieve whatever they want too even if they have had hard times or are going through them. To inspire them not to give up and to keep striving for success and a better way of living.

For me this is just the start and I am no way near my end goal in what I want to achieve in life but it is a milestone and its something I can cross off the list but I will be competing again as I loved the buzz and the preparation for it.

The slideshow I have posted is of how my body has changed throughout the year the first pic was taken on the 1st of January 2013 and the last picture is me on stage at Miami Pro Universe on the 24th of November.

Thanks for reading and for any info on training and nutrition or help with motivation please email me.